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Die by the Diet!

Posted by James Kliewer on 1/4/2016 to Nutrition

As we stated briefly in our earlier post, diet is what you eat. I know what everyone wants to know is ‘what are the secrets to losing weight and keeping it off?’ Here it is, be dedicated to a better you. To achieve this your first steps would be to work hard in the weight room, complete cardio, and eat clean. Here is some information that can help provide insight on maintaining a diet.

You will need to know what your calorie intake should be to maintain your bodyweight. The percentage for carbs is 50-60%, proteins is 30-40%, and fats is 10-20%. The easiest way to see what your calories, proteins, carbs, and fats intake is from daily ingestion would be to use an app or, my personal recommendation, an excel spreadsheet. This takes time but puts the data at your fingertips. Being healthy doesn’t come easy and requires daily dedication.

 As we all know, to lose weight we need to have a calorie deficit but it doesn’t come that easy. To lose a pound of body fat we need to burn approximately 3500 calories on top of your calorie intake. This can come from daily activities and bodily function, cardio, and weight training. 

Some people think that if you eat a 1,000 calorie burger, you can just do cardio that burns a 1,000 calories and that will simply erase the burger you just ate. That is NOT true. You would actually need to do two to three times as much cardio to get rid of that single burger. So be mindful of what you put in your mouth.

The diet I recommend and use is the ‘zig zag’ diet. This means that you will have high calorie days and low calorie days. I cycle them so they match my activity days and calorie intake required to function on the high cardio and weight training days. The goal is at the end of the week there is a deficit to equal about 2,000 calories. This technique ensures my metabolism stays elevated while still having a deficit. See the link below for more information.



There’s a reason why diets don’t work. We need to make what we eat a lifestyle change.



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