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Logan's Life

Posted by Logan Ray McEachern on 5/9/2016

Kliewer Supplements catch line is “when genetics just aren’t enough” and let me tell you, I know what it’s like to feel when genetics are not on your side. Since this is my first blog with Kliewer Supplements or any blog for that matter, I’ll fill you in on where I’ve come from and what drives me to be the man I am today.

Present day, my name is Logan Ray McEachern and I’m 26 years old. I stand at 72” and weigh about 205. I’m a machine gunner for the United States Marine Corps, and stationed in Hawaii. I’m originally from Ringwood, Oklahoma where I was raised. In high school, I grew up playing football, where I earned some honors and went on to play division II football for the Universities of Southwestern Oklahoma State and Oklahoma Panhandle State.

Growing up through high school and even through college, I don’t remember a time when the scale read a number lower than 265. That’s right, I was an offensive lineman. Most of the time I remember weighing around 275 to ­295, I even remember the scale reaching 305 at one point. When you read about my story, this isn’t about a quick fix surgery or a one and done supplement that changed my life. It was through dedication, hard work, persistence, sacrifice, and anything else that you can relate to what makes a dream into reality.

You see, I believe that if you’re willing to put in the work, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t look the way you want. But it comes with a price, like everything else in the world that we live in. I’m not talking solely on money alone though, yes supplements and the proper meal requirements, along with gym memberships, can get pricey but the real price you pay is the time and effort that it takes to get you where you want to be. I didn’t lose 100 lbs to enlist in the Marine Corps overnight, it took trial and error. Years of early mornings, running on the streets, and late nights in the gym. Making sacrifices by not eating wings on wing night or having some beers with your boys. Don’t get me wrong, it took me awhile to cut it all out, at least for the most part.

There will come times when you ask yourself, is this life worth it? All this hard work, all the sacrifice, only to look in the mirror and still feel almost disgusted because you’re not where you want to be. You see guys out there eating like slobs, not working as hard as you and they look better. Well that’s what this is about right, when sometimes genetics just aren’t enough and you have to work harder. So I’m here to tell you, life isn’t fair and the cards you’re dealt are not always the best but if you play them right and work hard, you can achieve your dreams and goals. Matter of fact, if you work hard enough, you can crush them.